1900 – Founding

Firmengründer Carl Moritz Breitung

The company Günter Steiner GmbH & CO. KG is a private company with over 100 years tradition.

In the year 1900 the toy company with the name C.M. Bereitung was founded in the Thuringian Sonneberg. The company was named after the grandfather of the later owner Günter Steiner.

From beginning the company produced stuffed dolls and hard limb dolls parts, as well as doll wigs. Under the conditions of the second world war the production was hold up by only a few manpower, five up to ten, to keep the business ongoing.

Beginning with the postwar fairs in Leipzig and in Nuernberg new customer contacts and sales markets were developed. In order to build up the sales and distribution channels the company invested in East and West Germany as well as abroad.

Auswahl des Puppensortiments
Auswahl an Puppenbabys
Auswahl an Puppenperücken
Mustermesse 1955 in Leipzig